Consultancy and Advice

Our Arboricultural Technicians will assess your trees and advise you on how to manage them. Trees are major assets to any landscape and need to be maintained and managed.

Council Reports, Vegetation Protection Orders

Each City Council has different requirements with regards to the removal and pruning of trees. Following our assessment, if the tree is considered to be a hazard we can facilitate your application through the preparation of a Council Compliant report.

Safety Audits

We will inspect your trees and seek to avoid problems before they arise. For example – we can reduce the potential for storm damage by the removal of high-risk trees in a pro-active manner. Poor tree work and species choice in the past frequently creates many avoidable problems in trees. It makes sense to ensure that you have the right tree for your site, and we can advise you accordingly.

Management Plans

Many of the problems associated with trees can be avoided with a little informed advice. We can save you money and resources in the future by applying our expertise now. We achieve this by identifying and assessing your trees and then developing an on-going Management Plan which will show you how to maintain and improve such a valuable asset – your stock of trees. Management Plans are a valuable tool for large-scale landscapes and amenity or recreation areas as well as for private properties. We currently provide this consultancy service to many of our clients from large companies to private individuals.

Hazard Assessments

Visual Tree Assessments (VTA) are the basis of all Arboricultural advice and underpin all reports, assessment and management plans. Defects identified during a VTA can further be investigated through the use of more sophisticated diagnostic technology and tools. For example the Picus Thomograph technology allows us to conduct an ultrasound of the suspect zone and develop an image of the section thus allowing accurate assessment without damaging the tree.

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